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As we consider this matter of being faithful, we must realize, first, what it means, and second, why it is important. Sometimes from our worldly point of view, we think that educated and talented men, who are gifted with the ability to motivate others are what is most important to God. I can be all of that and not be faithful.  Being faithful means that I can be depended upon to do what others ask or desire of me without fear of failing in my attempts. Faithfulness is a matter of desire. I am faithful because I respect and love the one over me who is depending on me to come through. A faithful man is a man who does not desire to promote himself. He is properly focused upon the task before him and is determined to be faithful until his time is done. Someone asked me one day concerning teaching on biblical prophecy if they had a vote on what they chose to believe? To be faithful is the only choice that matters. It means to obey God and leave the consequences to Him. Being faithful has much to do with faith. Faithfulness is the evidence that true faith abides in me.  Jesus said “if you love me, keep my commandments.  So, faithfulness first, has as its object, the one who is depending upon us. Faithfulness is an activity born out of genuine love and honor to the one we are serving.

 Faithfulness is something that happens gradually. As we consider the life of Elijah, it appears to be progressive in the sense that as we are faithful in one task and to one another; our faith increases and so does our faithfulness. Jesus said when he came to those who would follow him, “many are called but few are chosen.”  God knows beforehand who is faithful and the call of God is always by Grace. Recently I have enjoyed the political transitions that are taking place in government and I have come to appreciate faithful men who have no baggage or influential friends that they want to help but are free from all the self-interests that will eventually ruin a man. If in the field of politics, we can appreciate faithful men who are chosen to rule our country, much more can we appreciate the man called by God who is faithful to his call? It is sad to say, that men enter the ministry with the idea of “what’s in it for me?”. Those with low self-esteem see it as an opportunity to receive the praise of men. Some see the ministry as an easy way to make a living without having to work hard in doing manual labor. Others who are hungry for power with the ability to motivate people, see the ministry as a means of controlling men. None of these are evidence that a man is qualified to dispense the message of God. How hard it is to find faithful men who put their hand to the plow and follow Jesus no matter what it costs. There is no self-interest involved in being faithful and as we study the life of Elijah, we find a role model of a man who is faithful in the good times and in the bad times, even when he did not fully understand. He heard the voice of God and followed and received God’s promise. Once again, God is looking first, for faithful men. Are you faithful? Faithful to work, faithful to study, faithful to share, and most of all are you faithful to pray?

 Henry Jaeger’s is a graduate of Prairie Bible Institute, Three Hills, Alberta Canada. He has been in Christian ministry for over 60 years and has pastored three churches and has published over 25 books. His purpose in writing is to help people understand the Bible and see the principles of Scripture employed in their lives. He lives in Greenville, Michigan and can be contacted at: He manages two online groups: Effective Evangelistic Resource Ministries and Christians Under Construction Resource Ministries.

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